The library of R.K.Talreja College (Seva Sadan’s late. Smt. Parvati Parsaram Library) is one of the oldest and biggest library in Thane district. This full fledged computerized library brimming with books awaits the book warms and opens a new world of information and enlightenment. Its spacious serene pleasant interiors are blessing to the students who have the constraints of space at their homes. Library is open from 7.00 am to 7.00pm on all working days throughout the year.

Library is situated in ground plus three storied separate building, the area of total building is 1248.75 Sq m. Which is used for book stacking and rendering services to its users.

More than 2154 journal with back files and 51746 books, both full texts are available in the library through network resource center for staff, students and researchers. These resources are available in the library as it subscribes N-List Database which includes J-Store database with more than 2, 00,000 books and journals.

A special study room facility is available for staff and Ph.D students with computer and internet facility

Special section of books is available for competitive examinations for all the students.

UGC Network Resource Centre:

The Library also accommodates the Network resource centre of UGC, staff and students can avail the internet facility, printing facility and also they can browse educational CD’s.

For junior degree and post graduate all the students’ identity card itself contains the library barcode. Two books can be issued on the same card.

Rules regarding issuing and returning of books:

The books issued for home reading should be returned within seven days. The students should not return the books only on the date on which it is issued.

Books issued on the identity card should be returned before leaving the library hall. Books lying on the table for a long time will be taken away.

During the period of examination, text book issued from 2nd floor will have to be returned next morning before 8.30am. Otherwise the students will have to pay fine of Rs. 10/- per day.

The students will have to compensate for loss of book by them same copy of book should be replaced to the library. If exactly same copy is not available in the market, double the amount of cost of book should be paid to the library

If a reading material is not returned to the library, the students may not get the copy of his/her mark sheet from the college.

Library Fine

A fine of Rs. 1/- per day will be charged if a book is not returned within a given time.

Students are advised to check the data of returning the book before leaving the counter. No complaint will be entertained later.

 Library Rules:

Every student must submit his/her valid identity card/Library card at the entrance of the library and reading Room.

Pencil or ink marking and writing on the library books, cutting pages of picture of books or any other way of mutilating the books will be breach of discipline. The last reader will be held responsible. failing this last reader will be liable to a fine.

The “Reference Books” Question paper sets, Dictionaries, etc. will be issued for reference in the reading Room only and on no account they should be taken out of the reading room

Students must refrain from disturbing their neighbor students in the library and Reading Room. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the library.

Students should immediately inform the librarian of any loss damage to book borrowed by him/her on the library card.

Any matter not covered by this rules will rest at the absolute discretion of the principal and college Librarian.

Students should keep their baggage at the property counter.

Students should take responsibility of their own valuables. Library staff is not responsible for any misplacement of student’s valuables.

Students should maintain complete silence in the reading room.

Students should contact librarian to solve their problems. They should not argue with the staff on duty.

Violation of these rules will be subjected to fine.

Use of mobile phone is strictly prohibited in the library failing which fine of Rs. 100/- will be charged.

Ex-Student of the college will be allowed to make use of library only if accommodation is available.


Library Membership:-

Three types of membership are available for Ex. And External students.

Reading Room Membership

Duration 8 days, fees Rs. 150/-Book lending for home issue is not allowed. Only reading room and reference facility will be provided by the library.

Duration one month, fees Rs. 300/- other rules same as no. 1.

Deposit Rs. 1,000/- fees for one year Rs. 800/- Fees should be paid for complete year.

Book Bank

The book bank facility is available for needy and deserving students of the college. Such students should refer to the library, Text- Books Reference section for detailed information.